Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Story of the World: Chapter 1

This weekend we read The Story of the World, Chapter 1: The Earliest People.  It told us about the nomads and how some of them came to settle in the Fertile Crescent.  Crazy Bug particularly liked the parts about the girl, Tarak, bringing home lizards for her mother to make into stew.

Our project was to make cave paintings like the ones the nomads made.  Our "cave" was underneath the kitchen table.  I taped brown packaging paper to the walls and pulled out some black, brown, red, and white paint.  We painted animals and animal hunts.  This led into a long session of imaginative play, where Crazy Bug hunted,gathered, and built a Lincoln Log fire so we could cook our lizard stew.

Our extra reading choices this week were The Cave Painter of Lascaux and Digging Up History (Usborne Beginners) .  The first book was not a hit, but the second one was.  After our pretend archaeology dig last week, Crazy Bug marveled at how archaeologists dug out entire cities.  The Usborne Beginners books also have internet links for more information, so we played an archaeology game online.  Crazy Bug had to act like a real archaeologist and try to determine what various artifacts were used for.  She discovered that it's harder than one might think!


  1. We'll be starting SOTW soon,\ so I look forward to following along behind you. I love your cave painting. Also, we did a fun paleontologist/archaeologist activity that is perfect for summer. You might want to check it out.