Thursday, June 7, 2012

How To Find the Right Level Readers for Your Child

Have you looked at the leveling systems for easy reader books lately?  The levels have gone haywire.  Every publisher uses its own system to determine reading levels, and they vary widely from publisher to publisher.  This can make it nearly impossible to determine which books are appropriate for your kiddo.  That's why I was psyched when I stumbled upon the Accelerate Reader website.  The Accelerated Reader system provides consistent level information for all books!  It's incredible easy to use.  Just go to the AR Bookfinder and type in a book title.  Look for the book level (BL).  You may also want to make sure the interest level (IL) is appropriate.  If you're looking for new titles, you can do an advanced search where you can set the book level and genre.  You'll get a lovely list that you can take over to Amazon or your local library!

Here are some examples:

BL .06    BL 1.2   BL 2.4
BL 3.5    BL 4.6     BL 5.5 

I find searching for books by level particularly helpful when I am trying to challenge my daughter.  It allows me to choose books that are just a little bit harder than what she's used to so she will be challenged but not discouraged.  I hope you find this resource as valuable as I have!

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