Favorite Resources





Reading / Writing
Starfall - a free, online phonics program with lots of extra printables for reinforcement
All About Spelling - a very thorough (and surprisingly fun) spelling program.
Visual Latin - a video Latin program that takes the torture out of language learning 

Life of Fred - an entertaining math curriculum most often used as a supplement
Mathematics Enhancement Program - a good solid (free) math curriculum, but much drier than Life of Fred
Singapore Math - a great math curriculum for kids who tend to grasp material quickly.
Math Mammoth - a solid and very affordable math curriculum
Number Nut - online math games

Satori Smiles - this awesome blog shows projects they did for the Story of the World curriculum

Mr. Q Science  - full elementary science curriculum, 1st course free!

Deep Space Sparkle - art projects, lessons, and units

Episcopal Children's Curriculum

The Crafty Classroom - geography crafts, famous artists crafts, science crafts, it's all here
The Crafty Crow - simply the biggest and best site for everyday craft ideas

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