Hello and welcome to my world!  I am a creative, imaginative mother of one crazy six year old girl.  I'm from the Boston area and love it!  (Except for the cold)  My background is in theater education and elementary education.  That's a lot of education courses.  I've been stuffed quite full of educational theory.  But for me, education always comes back to common sense and a middle ground.  I hate the wild swings between the newest educational theories.  I've also been a camp counselor, Sunday School teacher, youth mentor, and home daycare provider.  No wonder my brain's bursting with ideas for kids!

I started this blog to share the joy and excitement of what Crazy Bug and I are doing at home.  My husband doesn't get too excited about the latest art project or science experiment.  But I know there are others out there like me, who are constantly looking for creative, educational inspiration.  So come along and join us on our adventures!

But first, some legal stuff:
This blog contains affiliate links.  I do make a (usually very meager) commission from some of the products linked to my site.  However, I truly believe in all the products I recommend.  I am a mom like any other.  I don't want to waste my money on a terrible product.  I can't guarantee that you'll love the products I recommend, but I do guarantee that I love them and they worked well for my daughter!

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