Saturday, May 19, 2012

Matisse Artist Study

File:Portrait of Henri Matisse 1933 May 20.jpgI picked Henri Matisse for our newest artist study simply because of his work with paper cuttings.  Crazy Bug is a serious snipperer.  Sometimes call her the Once-ler because she goes through so much paper.  So I knew she'd enjoy these projects.

We read Henri Matisse: Drawing with Scissors (Smart About Art).  Next we tried two different art projects. (Just because snipping is so fun!)  The first was a self-portrait project that I found at Art lessons for Kids, that she in turn found at

I included this project to try to break Crazy Bug out of her rigid, perfectionist habits.  She hates trying anything new, so I new making a crazy, odd picture would be tough for her.  She complained many times while making it, but she loved the end result.  (Except for the lopsided smile.)

The second picture was a collage made from shaped paper cut-outs.  It was inspired by the "I am the Vine" parable we heard at church last week.  (John 15:5)  I thought it tied in nicely because Matisse also designed an entire church.  We did this one as a collaborative project.

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