Monday, May 14, 2012

Jacob's Dream

Here is our project for lessons 3 & 4 of ECC:

I combined lessons 3 and 4 for two really sound pedagogical reasons: I thought 3 was boring and I couldn't find a good craft to go with it!  I searched and searched for a good craft for lesson 4 and finally came across this printable from New Church Vineyard.

Crazy Bug colored Jacob and the ladder, cut them out, and glued them to blue construction paper.  Then I helped her do a Google image search for angels.  She adores printing things off the computer, which I rarely let her due because colored ink costs so much.  I copied and pasted the images onto a Word doc, then adjusted their sizes so they all fit on about 1/2 a page.  We printed them out and Crazy Bug cut them out and glued them around the ladder.  Finally, for a heavenly touch, we added extra fine, clear glitter to the angels, ladder, and air.  (I love extra fine, clear plastic glitter!  It matches any project, looks more classy then regular glitter, and doesn't seem to leave the same kind of mess all over your house!)

Next up in EEC: Joseph and his coat of many colors.  Stop by next week to check it out!

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