Sunday, July 8, 2012

Story of the World: Chapters 5 & 6

Life has been a little crazy around here this week between the 4th of July and preparing for the kids' art class I'm teaching next week.  So here's a combined post for The Story of the World and Episcopal Children's Curriculum (EEC).  Chapter 6 of SOTW tells the story of Joseph, which tied into our EEC unit, so we studied them together.

Story of the World: Chapter 5
This chapter tells the story of Sargon, the first Sumerian dictator.  Sargon united Sumer and renamed it Akkadia.  Chapter 5 was very short and none of the suggested crafts particularly appealed to us, so we skipped them.

The Golden Sandal - a Cinderella story set in Mesopotamia

Ancient Civilizations for Children: Ancient Mesopotamia (With Teacher's Guide) [VHS]

Sumerian Inventions Word Search - found in the Activity Guide

Story of the World Chapter 6 and EEC Shell Year Unit 1: Sections 5 & 6

Joseph - this is a BEAUTIFULLY illustrated bible story
Dance, Sing, Remember : A Celebration of Jewish Holidays - introduces Jewish holidays and includes some accompanying activities


Joseph - King of Dreams

Crazy Bug made a many colored dream t-shirt using spray on fabric paint. This was a good lesson in "less is more" because the more spray that was added the muddier the colors became.  We're going to try it again this summer using only closely related colors like red, purple, and blue.

We've also been checking our Chicken Mummy and changing his salt mixture regularly.  He's already dried out a lot!

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